Friday, November 16, 2012

Zany Zettis

I am in the process of designing some new quilt blocks and I could use some help from you.

I recently attended the graduation ceremony of a family member and we are all so PROUD of Becka's accomplishments.  She graduated with a Doctorate of Counseling Psychology.  WOWZZA!!!   She is amazing...sticking out all those years of schooling and a dissertation and I believe two years of an internship and now setting up her own office.  When she graduated she threw all of us an amazing dinner party at Anthony's on the waterfront in Seattle and said the celebration was for us not her.  She said she wouldn't have made it through to reach her goals without standing on the shoulders of giants (something Isaac Newton once said enabled him to see and achieve so much .  I love her to pieces for referring to us as her giants but someone should let her know she was standing on the shoulders of freaks and geeks.  Have you heard this song by Henry Phillips???  I think it is cute.  I will warn you I have a weird sense of humor, though. If it is not to your liking I apologize. 

I am going to honor her achievement by designing a quilt for her and hope to have it done for her by August of 2013.  We get together for a big cousin's weekend up at the cabins each year and have set that as my goal to have the quilt done by Cousin's Weekend 2013.  Since she is a Doctor of Psychology, I though it would be very appropriate to design people with personalities shining through for the subjects on the quilt.

I first thought of making these type of people for the quilt. I found this over at EfemeraInk .  She has a lot of different Zettis on her site. This one just looked like Becka.

No Becka doesn't literally look like this but I think it looks like her style.  I think she likes a Tim Burton reality....  figuring out what makes one express themselves in ways that seem unusual to the mainstream but feels normal to others.  But then when I started searching out Zettis...look at these wonderful, inspiring beauties from 

I think it would be great to capture some of these oddities...ODDITIES that lie in each of us and create a quilt for Becka's office out of these charming eccentrics.  Do you see what I see???  ... These would look great in quilt blocks wouldn't they???

HERE in lies where I could use some help!!!  I have quite a fabric stash but what I am lacking in is FACES.
DO you have a fabric scrap...say 5x5 inches that you would be willing to send my way that would make a great Zetti face?  Maybe a print that has words on it ??? They don't have to look like the figures above, I will be changing them up with hair, hats, masks, whatever to make them into unique beings.  I will be hunting these out for the next few months but the process could be so much faster for me if I could find a few friends who could send a couple 5x5 inch scraps my way.  For anyone so inclined to help me out, I will send you a pattern to one of my Zetti blocks that I will be sharing on the blog as I create them.

Just leave a comment on this posting if you can lend me a hand and would be interested in receiving one of the patterns after I create them and I will reply to your post with my snail mail address so you can send me a little scrap of JOY. I am hoping to hit this project hard in January so any help I can get between now and then would have me doing a little happy dance!!!

Thanks XXOO

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