Saturday, February 25, 2012

A couple of my UFO's

I figure I better post a couple of my current UFO's.  They have been setting around uncompleted for too long now.  Kay's quilt I have had laying around for at least a year and a half.  I can never seem to find the right fabric to bind it with.  I bought a fabric for the binding a year ago and hated it and haven't tried again.  I considered using the fabric from the back of the quilt to bind it but the two colors of green clash in my opinion and I just can't do that.  Now I'm considering adding prairie points because I have always loved that look but still have to consider color choices. I at least have it ironed and hanging in plain view in my quilting studio so it is in my face as wanting my attention.  Randi's potholders wouldn't be hard to finish either, mine sure went together quite nicely, they are just currently buried under a ton of fabric. I am buried under request for baby quilts.  Working on my third for the year and at least two more to go.  My family may never see me again. I sure find pleasure in bringing my creations to life!

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