Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Jane Quilt 1863

                                      Dear Jane Rainbow Quilt  by Jane A Stickle 1863

I've probably lost my mind but I started this quilt a couple weeks ago.  It has 255 blocks in it.  169 blocks are 5" blocks and 86 triangles.  The original was in various fabrics but I am really drawn to this Rainbow bright design.  I love the placement of the colors.  I am also very drawn to the history of the quilt.  Unfortunately a lot of the blocks are appliqued and since I don't like and have never successfully appliqued anything this is going to be quite the learning adventure for me...  I'll be forced to look for an applique method that works for me.  I will post blocks as I make them trying to keep a good running record of my progress.  Unfortunately I always seem to have ten projects going at once so I figure this is at least a five year commitment for me.  With that in mind I would like to have this completed by March of 2017.  At least there are a lot of sites with advice online for completing the blocks and I will try to post some of those as I find what works best along the way.

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