Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adoring and Aspen

  I received my mug rug from my Quilting Gallery partner, Holly, this weekend.  I love quilty mail and Holly made me an adorable set of mug rugs that I am so proud to call mine!!!   I have been enjoying my coffee all weekend on them and look forward to many more mornings with them.  These are my only mug rugs which make them all the more special since my daughter swiped my other ones.  Holly's are perfect and they match the colors in my house really well.  Big plus!!!  

Holly's bird mug rug looks so much like the pattern one she really did a great job creating it...see what I mean...awesome!!!

Her applique is fantastic and I love all the quilting she did on both of them.  Thanks so much Holly!!!   I adore them and look what else she included in my package.

Well you know I adore that...that was very kind and thoughtful Holly and I appreciate your kindness and all the hard work you put into my new mug rugs more than I can eloquently express.  THANKS!!! 

I will share a little about Milwaukie's quilt show in a later post but know that we enjoyed it very much and spent too much money there.  Good thing it is a couple weeks before the next one so my wallet can recover.

I shared my woodpecker Forest Quilt A Long Block recently and although the next block is two feathers that I really do look forward to making, the third block in the series really piqued my appetite to see created so I skipped ahead to it.  WOW!!!  This block is entitled Aspen Grove and I love the fall colors of aspen and birch trees...especially since yellow is my favorite color and I adore the beauty of fall trees.   I called this a kick ass design but didn't realize it was my ass that would be kicked creating it.  SIX hours of creating is what it took to put this block together.  Can you believe that!!!  I don't think I will be making another on of these anytime soon but thank goodness it turned out fantastic!!!

If you overlook that thread bomb in the center that I should have swept off there before I snapped the picture...I think you will agree it was a successful endeavor.  This block was designed by Caroline of Trillium DesignThe pattern is available for free to anyone brave enough to accept the challenge she has set for us. 

You know that reminds me of one of my favorite quotes  "Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth.  Tame the dragon and the gift is yours" ---Noella Evans

Well thanks to Caroline for putting this dragon in my path because the gift he held in his mouth is now mine!!! LOVE LOVE it.


  1. Oh wow!! I love the mug rugs....but I really love your tree block

  2. Your tree block turned out amazing! I actually joined this QAL as well, but still haven't had enough time to sit down and start...not even on the first block! lol! Looks like I will have a lot of hours of catching up to do ;)


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