Saturday, March 30, 2013

Foxy Finish

  My Maple Fox is finished. I really love how he turned out. He was a couple days in the making but not as intensive as the Aspen Grove.  I love seeing how everyone else is creating these blocks on the flickr account.  Some of the ladies are using the red orange of a red fox but I am wanting to try to stick with the turquoise/sea foam greens and vibrant purples.  I do love how he looks as a red fox though.  Here is my little foxy fellow:

I think when I finish the block after quilting I will add a couple buttons eyes to him.  

I still need to make my Skillbuilder blocks for March for the Pile 'O Fabric BOM and the feather block that goes with the Forest QAL to get my March projects done.  

The quilt show last weekend was a great start to the shows in our area.  Here are a few of the ones we loved

I loved these elephants.  The fabrics are appliqued over the top of the black.  It makes the skin of the elephant look so real and rough and wrinkly.  Plus incredible fabric selections!

I thought this was gorgeous and took a picture of it only to find out it was the back of the quilt.  Can you believe that?

This was the front.  Note on it said it took 428 hours and 29 bobbins of thread to do.  WOW!  I don't think I could ever do that !!!

Loved this garden spider

Loved the wacky legs on a couple of these cuties!

I want to do something similar to this some day ---so charming

This one made us giggle as it is so representative of the age we live in---There is certainly an APP for everything

Love the skier heading down the mountain

The applique on this one was impressive.  I could NEVER do this!

Some day I will need to create a stained glass quilt.  I have always wanted to work on a real stain glass project but it is a spendy hobby to get into.  Seriously it would take to much of my fabric budget away!  I should make one of these instead : )

But a lot of the reason I went to this show especially on opening day was the garage sale this guild puts on each year.  I spent quite a lot there.  I am not so much into modern prints as I am in color.  I love to paper piece and what I am usually interested in is the right value or color so I pick up a lot of fabrics at these kinds of sales.  Here is the stuff I came home with.

Did you catch some of those prices?  
I love .35 cent pieces, Half yards for 1.50 and yards for 3.00.
We also found quite a few fat quarters for .75 cents to 1.50 but even at 1.50 they are a bargain now days.
Magazines 5 for 1.00

It was a fantastic day!!!

Keep Stitchin'

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  1. Your fox block looks fantastic! Wow! at the guilts in the show! Very inspiring! Awesome deals and fabrics from the guild garage sale!!


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