Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Chicks Rule"

During the ' Beat the Winter Blog Hop ' that the Quilting Gallery recently hosted,  I was the lucky winner of a mini quilt wall hanging made my Nina Lise at Mrs Moen--the not so secret life of a quilter blog.  She is a very accomplished and published quilter in Norway and I am thrilled to now own one of her piece's of art.  She made two of these--- the sister quilt of mine is called  "Rå kylling" which she explains is Norwegian for raw (bad ass) chicken.  I love learning new cultural things and this tickles my funny bone.  Although my chick quilt is called "Chicks Rule",  I can't help but think this chick inherited a little "Rå kylling" from her parents as well.  She arrived safe and sound at my house yesterday and quickly let me know she wanted to check out her new surroundings.  Since she helped me beat my Winter Blues I thought I would take her to see how Spring has arrived in our part of the world finally!!! We had a great time today.  Check out how this little chick spent her first day with me...

She loved the flowering plum trees that have recently started blooming.

She certainly wanted to make sure the ducks knew she was the chick who rules

 I don't even know what kind of flowering trees this is but she couldn't resist stopping and smelling the blooms

She loved how the white blooms matched her coat of white

My favorite was when she wanted to hang out in the weeping willow tree for a while.  I could have spent all day her with her she is so beautiful in this tree.

I loved how the sunlight played on the leaves and I just adore the green returning to the Pacific Northwest after a long Winter.  I am sure my chick enjoyed the change of weather from her home in Norway,too.

She seemed to like my favorite flower, the daffodil

Or maybe she just likes my favorite color yellow.  It must be kismet that brought us together ...two birds of a feather who both have a little
"Rå kylling" 
in them and we both know

Chicks Rule

Thanks so much to Nina Lise for letting me adopt this little chick.  My chick and I are going to be best friends and she is going to keep me company in my sewing studio and maybe from time to time have another fun day with me on a new adventure around town.



  1. That is the cutest! What a lucky win. :) Love all the photos of spring, too. Hope she's rested up after her long journey. ;) xo

  2. That is so fun! Thanks for welcoming her into your beautiful world of spring; I know I picked the right winner!

  3. So much fun. Enjoy your new little gift.


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