Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very Blessed Day.  We spent our holiday having dinner with our girls and grand-daughters.  The little ones loved their Easter Egg hunt.   Kiara and Jayda found all that the Easter Bunny hid in our yard and Jayda( the littlest one) ate enough candy to walk completely around the block own her own power.  That was a first for her ---normally papa has to carry her most of the way.  She is a little doll.

Jayda slept thru dinner but woke up in time for dessert. Both girls were so beautiful in their Easter dresses.  Nana and Papa sure enjoyed our day with them.  We are truly blessed with some great grandkids. We missed Pyper but the Easter bunny sent her eggs home to her
 March has been a whirlwind of quilting.  I finished the last two March BOM blocks this weekend to quickly end my March Madness.  I am only behind on the Forest QAL.  I picked out colors for my feather block and hopefully can get it done this week. I believe the Forest QAL is taking a week off so it should allow me to catch up.  Now onto April...but first a peek at the two blocks I did this weekend for the Pile 'O Fabric Skillbuilder. This is the first time I took the sketches of the blocks and colored them in.  I think it was a very useful tool.  Seeing a preview of the color selection helped ensure I liked how they would turn out.  

 The Woven Star


The Woven Chevron

Easter Blessings to each of you,

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  1. The girls are just darling and look so sweet in their pretty dresses.

    I LOVE those blocks!! The interlocking chevrons is really nice.


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