Friday, March 15, 2013

Winner and a frog invasion

It has been an amazingly fun week with all the blog hoppers stopping by.  A huge welcome to all the new followers it has certainly chased my Winter Blues away reading all your kind comments.  You certainly helped me blow way past my 100 milestone I was looking for...144 followers today!!! WOOT WOOT  thanks

Without further ado the winner of the Blog Hop giveaway as chosen by Mr Random is (insert drum roll here) 

Mr Random choose NUMBER 184
Barb said:

I love the fabric. I enjoyed your blog so much that i am now a new follower via email.

Congratulations to Barb!!!
I will be emailing you soon and after you respond with your necessary 411.  I will get these fat quarters and your little surprise out in the mail to you. Sorry I took a picture of Mr. Random but he is hiding on my computer and I can't find him. You will have to trust me he choose 184. Thanks for following me Barb and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Now on to that frog invasion:

For those of you that remember the great frog round up of last Spring from my backyard (for those of you that are new we rounded up like 29 over zealous ---twitterpated--- frogs and relocated their croaking bootees to the other side of town) this is not that kind of invasion.  A little too early in the year to know if this year will find us having to do that again but look what I have been up to the last few days.

I made this as the next block for the princess castle but it didn't seem right.  The colors were too washed out for one.  I was really unhappy with the light color just too boring.  I thought about redoing the block --- which I abhor but I have limited sky fabric and fretted about not having enough if I did it again. I have looked around hoping to find more of this fabric but no luck. I even put the three blocks together but didn't like it.

Then it dawned on me I could keep most of the sky and would only lose the tiny triangle attached to the roof when I remade that section.  I thought green should be on both sides of the little house to complement each other so I changed it up to this:

 It was at this point that I noticed the
frog invasion.  No wonder this part 
of the castle turned green.  Five frogs 
took up resident in the March castle block. I wonder if they are Irish frogs. With St Patty's day just around the corner they could be. I just couldn't resist having a litlle fun with this after having to ruin my day by ripping out
all the previous work. I figured my grand  daughters would love them!!!  I may have to let more creatures move in soon.

Keep Stitchin'


  1. I was just noticing the froggy sounds in our garden this week too. They can be amorous in the spring. I like the greens better too.


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