Sunday, March 10, 2013

Giveaway Update

This weekend you all have put a very big smile on my lips and warmed my heart with your comments on the giveaway.  Spring already feels so much closer with all your help.  A big welcome to all my new followers and a huge thanks for pushing me over my goal of 100.  I have found three more fq's to add to the giveaway as promised for all your help with reaching my milestone!!!  Here are the three fq's that will be joining the three fq's below on a journey to one Winter Blues Blog Hopper soon along with a'll have to wait to see what the surprise is a while longer.

The pink one on the end has two 2 1/2 inch square bites taken out of it so I am adding in a seventh fq that you can see in the next is not the best ...the seventh is a brown with pink polka dots!

The giveaway continues to March 14th.  I will let Mr Random choose a random winner on the 15th.  To enter please leave a comment on the original post you can get to it by clicking here

This weekend I got a couple more of my March Bom's completed. 
I made the March block for the And Sew On...BOM @ Quiet Play.  You can check it out more  by clicking on the And Sew On button on my sidebar.  Each month Kristy is posting a free sewing themed paper pieced block on her blog and after the end of that month you can find the pattern for sale at her etsy shop.  So if you missed January and February you can still join in.

Isn't this block sew much fun!!!

Next I finished the March block for the Castle BOM offered this year by Ula Lenz for free.  You can find out more about it here   Remember I do this one three times each month so I still have two more to go.  This one for right now is my favorite.  Each is done in a different theme.  This castle I am making for a bunch of gnomes.  They didn't commission me to do it but it has been a pleasure to make it for them anyway.  I seem to have a gnome crush after making the Quilt U Be Mine wall hanging featuring Gnome-o and Juliet.   You will see one has already moved in a set up residence in this month's block!

I now have the three parts made in January-February-March put together to form this part of the castle. 

Now I will go back and make it in a fairy princess theme and the third remains a secret that you will have to wait till I reveal it in October to see.  

Hope you are starting to see Spring revealed to you a little more this week.


  1. Nice fabric. And I love your castle with the high tower. Does it get the princess with the long hair?

  2. I love the gnome in the window :)

  3. Congrats on the 100! ;)

    I love those paper-pieced castle awesome!

  4. Woo hoo congratualtions on getting to 100..Love those fabrics. They are gorgeous. I have 2 fat quartes here that would match them all perfectly. I want to make a small quilt hanign for next valentines out of mine. But I have got to find a few more to go with what I have now to have enough. I likehow you have the brown and pink one in there. Maybe I should add some brown to mine and see how it looks. Thanks fo rthe great idea.

  5. Ooh, I just bought that gnome fabric! What a great idea to use the gnomes in scenes. Maybe I'll have some left over after the baby quilt I'm making w it.

  6. love your blocks! The spools look fabulous


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